What Is Swissgolden, About Swissgolden Company

What Is Swissgolden, About Swissgolden Company

Swissgolden company is an international, online company online gold store that that provides services in the area of purchase, storage and delivery of 24 karats investment gold bullions from 1 gram to 100 grams of the highest purity of 99.99% or 999.9 parts per thousand. The Company was registered on the 14th of June 2012 in the British Virgin Islands.

The gold bullions that can be purchased from Swissgolden are manufactured by the world's top gold manufacturer's namely Valcambi, Argor-Heraeus and Degussa. Swissgolden Сompany has over 200,000 clients in 120 countries around the world.

The purchase of gold from Swissgolden requires referral by a sponsor who is one of the already registered client/member of it's unique bonus marketing program.

In the bonus marketing program Swissgolden pays its clients in gold for promotion of their services to other people.

Why Purchase Gold?

Gold is a precious metal that preserves it's value through the years. There is a limited quantity of gold on earth, it is traded worldwide, easily sold anywhere in the world.

Gold is not subject to taxation, does not depend on governments, has no lapses and does not expire. Gold does not suffer inflation and it's demand never ends.

Swissgolden Sells Gold

When the supply of currency increases, the price of gold will always be revalued.

Example of the Buying Power of Gold and Why It Is Better To Save In Gold Instead Of Cash

In 1939: A single home will cost around $3,500 or 3 Kilos of Gold.

Today: The same house will cost around $180,000 or the same 3 Kilos of Gold.

With the above example, it is clear that the buying power of Gold preserved it's value. It is clear that cash loses its value were as gold retains it's value through the years.

Swissgolden Gold Marketing And Investment Program

Swissgolden Company offers a unique marketing program where anyone can invest in the purchase of gold with very modest sums and get rewarded for referring others to the gold purchase investment program.

With a small one-time investment sum, members of the Swissgolden investment marketing program can are rewarded with pure gold over and over through the referral of other investors.

How Swissgolden Marketing Program Works

The Swissgolden Marketing Program is divided into 2 Programs;

1. The Bonus Program and
2. The Leadership Program

The Swissgolden Agreements

The client's agreement with Swissgolden is for the purchase of investment gold bars/bullions for the sum of €7,000. Terms of performance of the contract is not limited. The contract can be satisfied through the client's participation in the bonus program or through the client making a direct purchase of gold bars/bullions using his/her own funds.

Swissgolden Main Contract Agreement

Advance payment for investment gold bars in the main contract is €720 (10% of total orders). Clients who are not financially able to satisfy the top order are provided an alternative reservation. In this case, advance payment will be €280 with passage through the preliminary table of orders to qualify for the top order.

Swissgolden VIP Contract Agreement

Under other terms of agreement VIP clients place orders for the purchase of investment gold bars for the sum of €27,500. The client will participate in the bonus program or they can make a direct purchase using their own funds. To make a direct payment of a VIP order costs €2,800. Prepayment of preliminary VIP order is €1,050.

Swissgolden VIP Plus Contract Agreement

VIP Plus contract agreement enables the purchase of investment gold bars for the sum of €98,000. The client can pay the full amount of the contract or may participate in the bonus program. Time-bound implementation of the contract is exempted. The advance payment for participation in the bonus program for the VIP PLUS contract is €9,800. Prepayment of Preliminary VIP PLUS order is €3,550.

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